Dadlan 2k20

Pandemic/BreadLan Nov 13-16 (Leavenworth, WA)

  • Pandemic gaming was weird
  • Dadwan streaming and gaming powered by Discord
  • Golf with friends!
  • Hiccupatron got exposed and sick a day before but didn’t catch the ‘rona
  • Prozach brought sourdough and made fresh bread every day
  • Swag
    • Dadlan face masks
    • Dadlan Keychains
    • Dadlan Enamel Pins
    • No commemorative sticker because prozach was lazy and had no creative juice this year for obvious reasons
  • 6 attendees
    • ribo
    • longjax
    • Prozach
    • Oafie
    • OptimusB
    • Geiger (FNG)